You don't want your wedding day to feel like a photoshoot, performing for a camera

You just want to feel like yourself, surrounded by the people you love

You want a photographer that doesn't just see you, but captures you as you are

Highly recommend Joel H. Garcia Photography for your big day or any special occasion. From prenup to wedding day, the photos came out beautifully and really captured the true essence and feeling of our special day. We could not have chosen a better photographer to photograph our wedding day and no doubt this is one of the best decisions that we've made! You will have no regrets if you go with them. We're so grateful, and thank you and the team for doing such an amazing job! Cheers!
— Glenn & SukYeen
Choosing our wedding photographer was one of our most important decisions during our wedding planning. Thankfully we ended up with our first choice, JHG Photography. From the get go we were very happy with how easily we aligned our concepts and ideas .It also helped that we were already a fan our their style. Shooting time is always maximized, and you won’t ever run out of shots no matter how simple your setup or venue is. The final output also exceeded our already high expectations.
— Kyle & Rowena
For us, every bride or groom to-be must invest in a good photographer. Someone who doesn’t just fit the couple’s personality but one who will be able to capture every emotion and translate every moment into that perfect shot which you can cherish for the rest of your lives. We’re so happy to have Joel and Ma-anne capture our special day. They are very punctual, professional, very easy to work with and are full of passion in what they do.
— Jo & Jes
Thank you, Joel & Ma-anne for being more than just our photographer but also our bestfriends during the wedding! Honestly, we have our reservations but you guys assured us before the event and really made us comfortable throughout our big day.
When we were initially selecting our suppliers, I really insisted on having JHG Photography as our photo because their pictures contains the tiniest details and captures the essence of the moment. True enough, the pictures that came out really does Images that speak.
— Nix & MIchelle
We’re glad we worked with professionals who were paid attention to us and honored our requests too, during the shoots. We received positive feedback from our guests as well. Camille will always remember how much effort was made to catch the right moment in the bridal car. Peter is concerned he was amazed by their ability to be seemingly invisible during the reception, yet they were always close, taking perfect shots in the right moments.
— Peter & Camille
I contacted Joel shortly after I booked my church and reception venue. He has always been my (and my sister, Diana) favorite wedding photographer! So stoked that he was available!!
I was never the fussy bride (i think). I only wanted the photos to be classy and timeless. And Joel delivered this! Joel and Ma-anne were so easy to work with! They definitely made those stressful moments more calm and FUN!Dear Joel and Ma-anne, you were a big part of our special day! Thank you for the amazing wedding pictures!!
— Ryan & Ria
The best and right decision. No regrets at all! Joel and Ma-anne, thank you for being our wedding photographers and for all the efforts to document our big day extraordinarily! The photos are superb and exceptional! Both of you are really blessed with great talent. Thank you very much!
— Froilan & Noda
From the moment we have seen their works in one of the wedding we have attended, we already know who will capture ours. Joel & Ma-anne not only delivered what is expected from them but they exceeded what we are looking for. Truly we can say you’re in good hands (or eyes) with Joel and Ma-anne.
— Erwin & Casey
Watching Joel & Ma-anne shooting together is like watching a couple dancing.
— Noel & Cristina