Welcome to the intimate Tinghun Engagement Ceremony of Mark and Justine.

In a world where love stories are often celebrated with grand gestures and extravagant affairs, the simplicity and profound significance of the Tinghun ceremony offers a refreshing contrast.

Tinghun, deeply rooted in Chinese culture, symbolizes the beginning of a beautiful union. In a moment of pure joy and a vibrant celebration of love, where tradition meets modernity in a perfect blend.

Mark and Justine's Tinghun ceremony was a testament to their love and respect for tradition and commitment to each other and their families.

Take a peek into the intimate details of this cherished event, exploring the rituals that have stood the test of time and the heartfelt moments that make this occasion so memorable.

Photographers: Joel H. Garcia & Ma-Anne Roque-Garcia are professional photographers based in Manila. 

A husband-and-wife photography team that specializes in creative wedding, event, and portraiture photography.


Behind every frame, there's a story.