In a world where chaos often seems to reign, there are those moments that remind us that everything happens in its own divine time. Love, especially, has a way of blossoming in the most unexpected and perfect moments. Join us as we look into a heartwarming tale that encapsulates the essence of patience, faith, and the beauty of true love.

In this enchanting blog post, we're thrilled to share the remarkable story of Ickhoy and Joy, two souls brought together by destiny and united in the embrace of marriage.

We invite you to step into the world of their union a beautiful wedding held within the sacred walls of Christ's Commission Fellowship worship church.

Through heartfelt stories and vivid descriptions, we'll transport you to a day where every moment felt like a blessing and every emotion was woven with the threads of devotion.

As we explore the intricate details of their wedding, let's celebrate the power of love that transcends time, and the faith that led Ickhoy and Joy to find each other at precisely the right moment.

Join us in discovering how their journey reminds us that love's divine hour is always worth the wait.

Photographers: Joel H. Garcia & Ma-Anne Roque-Garcia are professional photographers based in Manila. 

A husband & wife photography team who specializes in creative wedding, event & portraiture photography.