Welcome to the grandeur of Chris & Valerie's exquisite Manila Peninsula wedding: a perfect blend of fun and laidback elegance. From the moment they exchanged vows at the Jubilee Evangelical Church to the grand reception that followed, every detail was meticulously planned to perfection. Join us as we peek into the magic of their special day, where love blossomed amidst the exquisite décor and heartfelt moments. From the breathtaking floral arrangements to the sumptuous feast, Chris and Valerie's wedding was a testament to their love and commitment to each other.

In the midst of the grandeur and joy that filled the halls of Manila Peninsula during Chris and Valerie's wedding, there's a subtle yet profound lesson that resonates deeply: the beauty of waiting. Their journey reminds us that true love isn't just about professing affection but also about patiently proving it over time. It's a testament to the enduring power of patience and unwavering commitment.

 Let's embrace the waiting, the uncertainty, and the challenges that love often brings, knowing that it's in those moments that love truly blossoms.

So, as you reflect on the magic of Chris and Valerie's union, let their story inspire you to cherish the journey, embrace the wait, and trust in the enduring power of love. And if you're dreaming of your own fairy tale celebration, don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to message us for a wedding inquiry, and let's create your own unforgettable love story.

Cheers to love, patience, and happily ever afters!

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Chris & Valerie

Photographers: Joel H. Garcia & Ma-Anne Roque-Garcia are professional photographers based in Manila. 

A husband-and-wife photography team that specializes in creative wedding, event, and portraiture photography.